J. Michael McDonald has worked in a variety of media throughout his career. Today, he uses the computer as his primary, creative instrument. It's through this medium that all his finely tuned skills and experiences come together. He incorporates art, craftsmanship, sound, and performance to create websites, graphics, presentations, music, and more. Explore the site to see the myriad of ways Michael can bring his expertise to your project.


  Michael studied architecture and music at Arizona State University, and then ventured off to explore the arts and culture in San Francisco. He later worked as a scenic and decorative set painter for film companies in Los Angeles and Phoenix, and ultimately started his own decorative painting business in Arizona.

  He has worked for top interior designers around the country, including Wiseman and Gale and Michael Smith, who was hired to remodel part of the White House for President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. His work has appeared in Phoenix Home and Garden magazine and other national publications.

  Michael is also a fine art painter and owned a gallery for several years in Jerome, Arizona, where he promoted other local artists.

  Michael's repertoire includes music. Michael is an accomplished bassist and published songwriter. Early in his career, he recorded an album and video with an original band in San Francisco that toured the country. Michael was also the music director for and a performer with an improvisational comedy group in Los Angeles.

  With his eclectic experience and artistic sensibilities, J. Michael McDonald brings creative savvy, expert craftsmanship, professionalism, and integrity to any project.




  Software: Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop, Illustrator, Muse, Flash, After Effects, Keynote, Power Point, Logic Pro


  Traditional Media: oil, acrylic, art markers, graphite/charcoal


  Instruments: Bass guitar, guitar, and just enough piano


  Equipment: Canon 70D, iMac 27" 12 GB, Axiom DAW